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How Your Kaldivi Subscription Works

* Take our COFFEE MATCH Quiz and we will pair you with your best-fit coffee.
* Subscribe, and you will receive a fresh-to-your-door delivery of your perfect Coffee Match.

* Send us feedback via our unique Kaldivi Coffee Co. post-order survey, which allows us to further refine you

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Kaldi The Goatherd

What Makes Kaldivi Coffee Co. Different

Customized Selections

Kaldivi takes the guess-work and decision-fatigue out of finding your perfect cup of coffee. It takes only minutes to complete our unique COFFEE MATCH QUIZ, and then you are well on your way to enjoying a beverage that most meets your personal palate preferences.

Refining Your Perfect Match

Once you have had the opportunity to enjoy a cup of your perfect Kaldivi COFFEE MATCH, we'll send you a follow-up feedback survey. This survey allows us to ensure that we continue to refine your coffee selections with each new brew you try.

VIENNA: Coffee Capital of the World

The Birth of Kaldivi

At this point you're probably thinking, "All right, what do a dancing goatherd and the Coffee Capital of the world have to do with my premium coffee subscription?"

We're so glad you asked! Our KALDIVI brand name was created by combining the name KALDI (the dancing goatherd) + VI (for Vienna).

Just like this brief bit of history suggests, it is our hope that your Kaldivi subscription will be an elevated, artful, fine coffee-drinking experience...and that it leaves you dancing a little jig, just like Kaldi.